The Artifact Hunter

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CHECK OUT MORE GAMES FROM OUR FRIENDS the GameMy name is John Eagle.I was born in Toronto in 1890 in the family of British Colonel Lawrence Eagle and native Canadian Avni Laloma of the Ottawa tribe.In 1918, I was about to start my study at the University of Toronto at the Institute of Archeology, but when the girl I loved broke my heart, I changed my mind and decided to quit my studies. To prove that I was worth her hand, I signed up to the Canadian Expeditionary Force. A few months later, I found myself in the grip of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Now I know how naive I was when I took this hasty step.Now I am an artifact hunter and I make millions of dollars robbing ancient tombs. How did I transform from an idealist in love with the art to a professional looter?This is my story... but believe me. It's dark like old Scotch Whiskey.Explore and discover the historyImmerse yourself in the world of the Canadian Mafia of the 1920s, which made a fortune on trading antiques from looted tombs.Collect unique antiquesEarn prestige among antique collectors by acquiring epic artifacts that you can use or sell to fund archeological expeditions in the most exotic and dangerous places.Discover ancient mysteriesDiscover the world of historical fiction and visit places inspired by real locations, enriched by metaphysical events and revealing their exciting secrets.Explore dark tombsAncient magic that protects the peace of the dead is still waiting for naive thieves looking for valuable antiques in all those places forgotten by people and Gods that you must not enter alive.Unique gameplay features1. Simulator of the seeker of ancient artifacts combined with FPS elements.2. Game setting based on real places and historical events.3. Mafia story set in the realities of the early twentieth century in America and Europe.4. Quests inspired by popular legends and mythology.5. Historical Fiction embodied in the form of a game.
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