Terra Pulse

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A city in ruins... a past to be unraveledDecades after a disaster that disabled most of the planet's electric artifacts and turned nature against civilization, humans are trying to get back on their feet, keeping away from the cities now infested with mutated creatures. You are Lena, one of the Seiva Hunters, individuals that brave the cities of old using a mix of gunblade arts and capoeira to survive the dangers of the Pulse. After Lena's mother - a Master Hunter - disappears on an expedition, Lena embarks on a journey leading her to one of the only cities which no hunter has ever returned: Rio de Janeiro. You will explore the ruins of Rio, discovering the memories of a city that holds many scars - even before the disaster - that may help unravel the mistery behind the event that changed humanity's destiny forever: the Terra Pulse.Features Explore the ruins of a futuristic Rio de Janeiro overtaken by the tropical jungle, forging your own path Metroidvania style in a Top-Down perspective. Slash, dash and shoot your way in a combat system inspired by Capoeira, combining your evasive habilities with fast-paced, skill-driven gunblade wielding attacks. Build your Basecamp, recovering lost artifacts from the old world, rescuing mysterious robotic inhabitants of the city and upgrading your equipments, creating a small bastion of humanity in the ruined city.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2 Duo E5200
GeForce 9800GTX+
Windows 7