Saturday Morning RPG Soundtrack

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Vince DiCola makes his videogame soundtrack debut with writing partner Kenny Meriedeth on this musical journey paying homage to cartoons from the 1980s, featuring a blend of synth rock and orchestral styles.DiCola fans should rejoice, as his signature sound is weaved throughout the entire score as he teams up with Meriedeth to revisit the era that made him famous.Additionally, a rock-meets-chip arrangement by Grant "Stemage" Henry and C-jeff and an FM version of the game's battle theme by Jake "virt" Kaufman cap off the release.TRACK LIST:1. Tune in for Saturday Morning RPG! 00:372. Saved by the Bell 03:533. What Was That? 01:124. Something's Wrong 01:44 5. I'm Going In 01:066. Battle Scene 04:187. Dream Big 02:578. Dawn of a New Day 01:499. Power Plant 02:4610. What Once Was Lost 02:0411. Trust -Badbots Theme- 00:4412. Meanwhile... 00:4013. Trouble Abounds 01:1114. Fallen Angel 01:0115. Red Horizon 02:2616. Sterner Stuff 02:0517. Castle of the Gods 03:1318. We Need to Talk 01:1619. Determination 01:4120. Beast 02:5221. Overdrive 02:0222. Escape 03:1023. Legacy 06:0524. No Risk No Glory 04:1825. Castle of the Gods (Variation) 01:0326. Dawn of a New Day (Stemage and C-jeff) 03:5827. SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE SHOOTER (virt) 04:26 All music files are .WAV format.CREDITS:released 27 January 2014All music composed, arranges, and mixed by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth.Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth (01, 03-07, 09-13, 15, 16, 18-20, 22, 24)Vince DiCola (02, 08, 14, 17, 21, 23)Except arranged by:Grant "Stemage" Henry and Dmitry "C-jeff" Zhemkov (26)Jake "virt" Kaufman (27)Mastering Engineer: Kenny Meriedeth and Mustin for Mustin Enterprises, LLC / mustinproductions.comCover Illustration: Connary Fagen / connary.comExecutive Producer: Jayson NapolitanoVince and Kenny would like to thank: Josh Fairhurst (Mighty Rabbit Studios), Jayson Napolitano (Scarlet Moon Productions), Grant Henry, Dmitry Zhemkov, Jake Kaufman, Mustin, Robert Reynolds, Curt Schneider, Matt Laug, Travis Dickerson, Steve Lane, Jodie Victor, Robin Garb, and Jeron Moore.Brought to you by Scarlet Moon Records /
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