A Week In The Cold Demo

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Follow Elin in her struggle to return to warmth and safety. Somehow stuck in this frozen waste with no knowledge of how she got there, seemingly stuck in an endless loop with no other option than moving forward. You need to help her navigate slippery ice to get back home, all the while trying to stay away from that strange wolf and not collapsing from the cold.Please note, this game is made by a single person on his spare time, if you are looking for a AAA experience, this is not for you.FeaturesA strange wolf seems to appear out of nowhere and chase you. Not sure why, just don't get caught.Staying warm is crucial in arctic conditions, keep an eye on Elin and how she reacts to the cold or she will never leave that ice. Make sure to always warm your feet when you have a campfire nearby.No information will be supplied by a UI, navigate through the game with only your wits, memory and small inputs from Elin.Sliding can be dangerous, the slippery ice will not present any way to change direction or stop. Make sure you aim properly when you enter the ice or you'll get wet.Finding skates can help massively if there is no way to just slide straight. With skates you can turn, however keep in mind that being the novice ice skater that Elin is, she still does not know how to stop.Animals can be cute to look at, but they can also be dangerous. While traversing the ice you need to make sure you don't crash into a playful penguin.Unforgiving is the name of the game (no it's not), it is not possible to save whenever, saves can only be made at campfires.Nighttime can be both helpful and detrimental, choose if you want to tackle a level in daylight or in the dark. During the night, many animals sleep, however it might be difficult to see in the dark.
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