LOTUS-Simulator: München Tram

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Latest updates06.02.2020Official announcementDear Community,we would like to inform you that we unfortunately have to change the planned content and schedule for the product LOTUS-Simulator: Munich Tram.As we are still waiting for essential functions and improvements in the LOTUS Rails module (bug fixes in the MapEditor, complete AI functionality, passengers, lighting, performance optimization and loading times in the MapEditor), we hereby inform you that we have to suspend the further development of the LOTUS Munich Add-On for an indefinite period of time.In the sense of early access, as it is communicated by Oriolus Software GmbH for the LOTUS Simulator, we unfortunately cannot provide a concrete time schedule when we will integrate further functions. We regret this step very much, but unfortunately we have no influence and get no feedback when the mentioned functions are expected. Since we are dependent on the LOTUS Simulator basic functions for the further development of the add-on, we have no other choice than to suspend further development indefinitely. The function for simple AI was promised by Oriolus until the end of 2019, but there is no information about it until today. At this point in time, we can no longer implement our development to a reasonable extent, so this decision follows, which we will also communicate transparently and openly without delay.The product LOTUS-Simulator: Munich Tram is - as it is - sold at the current status and we have adapted this information accordingly.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23.12.2019Munich Christmas-Tram Update!The Christkindl-Tram Type M is now available for download as a Christmas special for our loyal customers!We have developed this vehicle for you in the last weeks as a self-controllable and drivable version and this is now available as a Christmas present for all owners of our add-on as a free update, because AI vehicles are not possible in LOTUS-Simualtor up to now.Info about the steering system:The drive control works like other trams in the LOTUS simulator: Insert directional control forwards and then press the setpoint adjuster forward to accelerate and backwards to brake. The fast brake as well as the rail brake were also installed, as well as lighting and doors opening/closing and door release (holding brake). All these functions use the LOTUS key assignment. The electrical system is permanently activated for simplicity, as well as the pantograph is permanently extended and the main switch is permanently inserted.The only function that does not use a standard button is the activation/deactivation of Christmas music, which is assigned to the Dead Man/SiFa button.It is recommended to switch on the vehicle's hints to get information about the control!Features:Direction of travel switchable by directional switchDrive control with 4 speed levels for acceleration and 6 braking levelsDoors can be opened and closedBell can be operatedRail brake is availableLighting can be switched on and offChristmas music can be played at the touch of a button (the Christmas music is copyright-free and is only subject to the Creative Commons BY license)Compressed air system with compressorSidecar can be coupled manuallyMultiplayer capable!We wish you a lot of fun with the new vehicle and with it nice Christmas holidays!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18.09.2019NEW - Multiplayer-Update!From now on you can ride the Munich Tram with friends in multiplayer!Changelog:Map:Multiplayer on the Munich map now available!Corrected track in front of Ottostraße stop that had caused the tram to jump/floatFixed minor faults/holes in road constructionMissing spotlight objects added at Karolinenplatz (now only lights up at night)Sign for terminus stop/exit stop Petuelring addedMinor adjustments for traffic light circuitsMissing traffic light request switches on traffic light masts addedEntrypoints at Karolinenplatz and Kurfürstenplatz added (e.g. for multiplayer spawn)Tram R2.2b:Existing repaints correctedRepaint template is now availableAdded driver camera views for left side and right side view--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13.09.2019Major-Update 1.1 out now - Route 27 and passengers!New update with the full route 27 and passengers now available for download!Note: The passengers are exclusively developed by us for Munich Tram and no LOTUS feature!Changelog:Map:The map of route 27 is completely finished with all details!Passengers addedAdditional signal signs placed on anchoring wiresAll switches can now be controlled from the vehicleSwitch signals made operationalTraffic light requests for tram addedConstruction site at the Sendlinger Tor with many new objects and functionsFloating objects are now correctly placed on the ground againMinor repairs in road constructionTram R2.2b:IBIS: route, timetable and announcements for route 27 addedIBIS: Separation of terminus and departure stop Sendlinger TorPassengers addedDynamic vehicle numbersRepaints addedControlling switches via switch switchSwitches are set automatically by IBIS (depending on the set route)Driver character addedAdjustment animation of the kilometre counter (in the speedometer)Emergency lighting installed (above the doors; lights up when no catenary voltage is present)Interior lighting and train peak signal are now also automatically switched on when shuntingMultiplayer script adaptations --> vehicle is ready for the multiplayerShunting console script logic customization; thanks to @TrambahnerIllumination error at shunting console elements correctedBugfix: Wheelchair lift folding sound was mistakenly played in a certain situation; thanks to @Marvin_0--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29.08.2019Announcement: Extension Route 27 with major update 1.1 and reduced price expires!Dear Community,During the summer we worked very hard and intensively on our Munich-Add-On and want to bring you up to date today:We plan to deliver the next expansion with the major update 1.1 in about 2 weeks on 13.09.2019.This brings a lot of new content, functions and loving details for you!And first of all: as announced at the start, the reduced price will also expire on this date, so that the add-on will cost € 34,99 as regular RRP. So be quick, you still have two weeks time for the discounted purchase!In the past, we have already integrated a number of functions into our Munich add-on that have not been available in LOTUS before, and here too we will continue to add our own driver figure to the game for the first time. There will also be a timetable with fully functional IBIS integration for line 27, as well as another surprise that will be released :)About the GameMunich Tram - the first Add-On for the LOTUS-Simulator!For the first time, we offer you the possibility to control a highly detailed tram model in a realistic simulation on real tracks!The Simulation At A GlanceWith the tram type R2.2b you can take a virtual tour through downtown Munich and explore the routes of the lines 27 and 28! Experience for yourself how it feels to take the tram through the Bavarian capital. The tram has a long tradition in Munich, the first tram line opened in 1876. But our simulation doesn't lead you that far back, because instead of the R2.2b there was still a horse-drawn tram on the way. About 120 years later, since the mid-1990s, the vehicles of the R2.2 series have dominated the Munich cityscape. The type R2.2b was comprehensively modernized from 2011 and is currently in use on Munich's rails in its redesign.And exactly with this vehicle in the well-known blue design of the MVG you can become tram drivers yourself! Put your skills to the test - get into the driver's seat and you're ready to go!The RoutesRoute 27 runs in the heart of Munich from Sendlinger Tor via Karlsplatz, Karolinienplatz, Kurfürstenplatz and Hohenzollernplatz to Petuelring. The journey time for the 15 stops along the line is about 20 minutes. Past many famous sights, such as the Pinakotheken or the old Börse, time passes in a flash. Line 27 is not only in use during the day, but also at night. Test your driving skills in night traffic as well!Route 28 also starts at Sendlinger Tor and runs via Karlsplatz and Karolinienplatz to Kurfürstenplatz. There, line 28 branches off from the shared route with line 27 and continues to Scheidplatz. The journey time for the 12 stops along the line is about 16 minutes.Try it out! Become a tram driver yourself and drive through Munich on our lines.The Tram ModelType R2.2b belongs to the R series, MVG's first low-floor tramway. After around 15 years in service, the R2.2 one-way vehicles were extensively modernised and went into operation in 2011 as the R2.2b series. Both inside and outside, the modernised model is available in a new design - blue and white aluminium. New handrails, extended passenger information and swivelling sliding doors characterise the redesign.
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Minimum system requirements
2,8 GHz, 4 Core
2 GB
Windows 7, 8, 10