The Pit: Infinity - Juggernaut

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As the first alien character class to come out for The Pit: Infinity, take control of a massive, changed Tarka male - Tor Makari - a clanless mercenary, born on the Tarka Freehold of Kor Daia. Summoned to Arbuda by the promise of a huge reward, he is here to rescue a kidnapped Human from a high-security alien facility and pull down the biggest bounty of his career. As a changed male, Tor is big, bad, and do not let his lumbering manner fool you - he is no dummy. He is a force to be reckoned with, nigh unstoppable. He is a JUGGERNAUT!The Pit: Juggernaut comes with; Tarkan War Hammer - Why cut something when you can squish them flat? Heavy Pistol - Heavy pistol with heavy ammo for a heavy owner that like to hit heavy. Kak'urdu Sal Rifle - A nasty piece of work, firing rending flechette rounds.And a good merc knows his weaknesses as well as his strengths, which is why Tor packs some nifty gear; A digital assistant A digital interpreter Tarkan Field Surgery Hiver multi-tool All the food, ammo, and gear a mercenary needs to stay in the field indefinitely. And More!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-8350
Windows 7 64-bit or later