Captain MAYO

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Captain MAYO... "A classic platformer where you jump on platforms" ..a small introduction.. A story in the world of Le.Fridge You have lost all your powers in the last battle. But now you have a new quest. It is to help your best friend Kenny Ketchup and his girlfriend Princess Bea. You need to fix the ancient Mayo Books to to get the knowledge to free the kingdom and rescue the princess. To do so, you need to find 5 books and decipher the text. There are ancient powers scattered all over the world to help you on your quest You have to collect papers for the books, but beware the "eggies" are all over the place. Try to avoid the enemies and traps so you don't need to start over again. You have infinite of lives but if you die you need to start over where you last checkpoint was. Collect gems so you can pay the book maker to fix the books. If you like to play hardcore. You can do so. It's a platformer with a sense of humor, and it's not that easy either. ----------------------------------------------- Key features: 1. Talk to colorful characters. 2. You control your jar of Mayonnaise. 3. Over 60 handcrafted levels to explore. 4. Collect pickups and gems. 5. Over 30 Achievements to complete. 6. Play hardcore mode to really get your blood pumping. 7. Big open world to explore that grows by the book. 8. You decide what room you want to do and what order you wanna do them in.
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Minimum system requirements
I7 or Ryzen
windows 10