World War Academy: COMMANDER 1

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Destroy each other's main base and win. Or kill enough enemy NPCs or players to reduce the camp's resource value to 0 to win.(CS + WOW AV) The game has a single training mode, there are user-defined multiplayer combat mode. There is also a dedicated server mode. At present, it is a better choice to train alone or find your friends to play online. Several friends can play with each other. If online, it is recommended to use friend game mode, but this does not support joining midway. Since there may not be many people at the beginning, I only have two servers for testing now. What should be noted: The map 2km X 4km has the day version and the day night alternate version, which automatically enters according to the server settings. It is strongly recommended that you start with the difficulty of single person training. If the difficulty is too big, it will be easy to get hit, The more players, the more NPC, the greater the host pressure. If the field NPC is adjusted to 100%, there will be more than 350 NPC in total. If you play the sense card, you can choose fewer NPCs at the beginning of the game, Pay attention to the fact that flash bombs are useless for NPC. Smoke bombs work, The relationship between gun damage and distance is very obvious, so don't use the nozzle to shoot at a long distance, the lethality is very small, When laying mines, always aim at the ground and do not turn to other places, Some of the fires on the ground are just visual effects, which are harmless, The NPC of the simulation player will only rush forward along the road with a stuffy head. It will not open the flag or destroy the base. It is up to you, The simulation player's NPC will not come to rescue you, even if you fall at his feet, don't expect too much from them, Be careful when using rockets on your stomach. Keep the sight high, or you will blow yourself up, Armored vehicles and tanks are not suitable for fighting in this map. Choose carefully, Don't change your posture (squat, stand) multiple times in the pipe and narrow place, which will cause you to get stuck or even fall out of the map, which can't be saved, Try not to have strange ideas and do some strange things. There are still many bugs. This needs to be improved, At night, the number of frames may decrease significantly, because the dynamic lights used by street lamps greatly test the performance of the video card, It may take a long time to open the map for the first time, because the map is still too large, If you want to participate in the game development test, you can add QQ group: 1063961483
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i5 2500(4 Core, 3.3HGz) or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent
Windows 10