Demons of Asteborg

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Demons of Asteborg® is a new original and challenging 2D-platform game mixing action, little puzzles and strategy released for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. This 16-bit game will bring back many memories to the retro-lovers.The story(illustrative image)A long time ago in the Kingdom of Asteborg, a war broke out, opposing humans and demons in a bloody struggle. Sagramor, a powerful mercenary, and Maria, a witch mastering combative magic, joined forces to defeat the demonic army. Sagramor found a way to lock the demons in an alternate dimension, at the cost of his own life. His sacrifice earned him the title of "Legend of Asteborg".Shortly before the end of the war, Maria gave birth to a child named Gareth. She died 4 years later.Gareth was then taken in by the royal orphanage, and Bohort, the leader of the armed troops, saw in him an inestimable potential. He trained him from an early age to become a formidable warrior.Decades later, Zadimus, the former leader of the Demons, a survivor of the Great War, found a way to reopen the portal to the Parallel Dimension in order to free his fellow demons and declare war on humans in order to retake the Kingdom of Asteborg.You will play as Gareth, now the royal guard of Asteborg, and you will set off on an adventure, braving the lands of the kingdom and its dangerous lands populated by bloodthirsty monsters.Along the way, you'll learn more and more about the ancient war and who you are. But be on your guard, Zadimus won't let you...(illustrative image)
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Minimum system requirements
Dual Core 1.8ghz
Intel HD
Windows 7+