Farming Simulator 19 - Anderson Group Equipment Pack

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Farming Simulator 19 - Alpine Farming Expansion
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Expand your gaming experience with the new official extension for Farming Simulator 19! The DLC contains 13 new implements from Anderson Group:Anderson Group A700 – MixerAnderson Group A950 – MixerAnderson Group BioBaler WB-55 – Wood BalerAnderson Group Bumper – BioBaler WB-55 attachment Anderson Group HYBRID X XTRACTOR – Bale Wrapper (round and square bales)Anderson Group IFX720 XTRACTOR – Bale Wrapper (round bales)Anderson Group M160 – Log LoaderAnderson Group PRO-CHOP150 – Bale Processor (round bales/square bales)Anderson Group RB580 – Bale Wrapper (round bales)Anderson Group RBM2000 –Bale Mover (round bales)Anderson Group RBMPRO 2000 – Silage Wrap Bale Mover (round bales)Anderson Group STACKPRO7200 – Bale Stacker (square bales)Anderson Group TSR3450 – Bale Mover (square bales)Once downloaded, the additional content will be available through the in-game shop. Be sure to have sufficient in-game currency to buy them!This DLC is compatible with the Update 1.3 or higher of Farming Simulator 19.
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