Tank Quest

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Grab some nearby friends or play solo in this top-down, twin-stick shooter game! Choose a cute animal character to pilot your tank as you make your way through each level. Your tank will have unlimited bullets to use at your disposal for each mission, but you'll also find useful mine and missile pick-ups along the way. Levels are divided into several missions, and if you lose all your lives before the level is complete, you must start it back at the beginning! Discover new locations with each level, and perhaps some scary beasts to slay as well!Features:Select a level you've unlocked from the level map to start a level.Choose one of your unlocked characters to pilot your tank.Levels are made of several sub-levels called Missions where you must defeat all enemies to progress.Use your infinite supply of bullets and secondary weapons from pick-ups to take out the enemy forces.Combat is top-down view with twin-stick controls. Use the left stick or WASD to move around and the right stick or mouse to aim your tank's barrel.Team up with friends in local co-op to help beat levels.Beating the latest level available on the map will unlock the next one.An optional Deathmatch mode in the menu allows for last-man-standing combat between other local players.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i5
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Windows 7