Galmon Folklore~Galmon Encyclopedia~

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Galmon Folklore ~Monster Girl Galore!~
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This is a data collection showing over 200 Monster Girls. Monster Girl comes from the full-length RPG "Galmon Folklore" and its side stories. You can enjoy it as a CG set for Monster Girl without playing the game. This work contains a spoiler of the game. More Monster Girls will be added in future updates. ・Note Savedata with limited equipment that can be used in the main part of Galmon Folklore will start from the beginning. Please note that it cannot be applied to save data that has advanced halfway. * Content -Monster name -Nickname/Name -HP -MP -Attack points -Defense points -EXP -Money -resistance -Weakness -Item drop -skill -Habitat -Ecology/characteristics -image - world map * Note This product contains a secret character (important spoiler info/currently 1) that is locked by default. If you add the variant data that can be obtained from the URL displayed after clearing the main game, these contents will be unlocked.
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