World of Asgabas Demo

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In World of Asgabas, you take control of a faction with its unique gameplay and fight your way to conquer of the world. Explore the world, expand your territory, exploit your lands and exterminate your opponents.All the factions are unique In this demo, you can choose between the Knights and the Vikings. Theses factions offer a different gameplay, unique progresses, buildings and units.Take advantage of the terrain Build your fortresses to be impregnable or conquer rich soils to take over your opponents. Each faction has bonuses related to the terrain that you'll have to consider.Manage your armies Battles between armies take place in a small battlefield and are entirely automated. Organize your armies to take the best out of your units.Early Access coming soon... More elements are under development and will soon be released in Early Access. If you enjoy this demo, make sure to follow and add the game to your wishlist!
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