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This is technically a skill-based, non-violent asymmetrical fighting game loosely derived from a chemistry model that is itself loosely based on reality. Alternatively, think of it as a hybrid of a bullet hell and a racing game, with the inclusion of self-propelled pinballs. If you love chemistry or physics, you'll probably enjoy this. If you hate chemistry or physics... you'll still probably enjoy this.High-Speed, Low-Stress: ElectronElectron gameplay involves scoring as high as possible and/or escaping the current atom. Physics is heavily involved with electron gameplay, as electrons are accelerated towards desired positions by firing Photons in the opposite direction. In addition, electrons will ricochet off each other, the rings of the current atom, and even the nucleus itself, so quick trajectory calculations are often required.High-Stress, Low-Speed: NucleusThe antithesis of electron gameplay, Nucleus gameplay is focused around keeping electrons from escaping the current atom. Nuclei never move, remaining locked to the center of the atom. Instead, they control the atom itself, with abilities that allow them to lock atomic rings against electrons' exit, change electrons' trajectory, and keep electrons' energy below critical levels. Given the number of electrons that must be controlled (up to 12) and the speed and trajectory changes they are prone to, nucleus play is filled with leading targets and multitasking. If there's anything that'd make you fear the thought of being a sodium atom, it's this.Multiple GamemodesCampaign: Primarily a method by which to unlock more atomic playing fields, but also contains a story told through the backgroundsSingle-Player Challenges: In Timed modes, practice or replay campaign levels; for the skilled, test how long you can maintain control of an atom in the infinite time Control modes (nucleus only)Local Multiplayer: Allows up to four people to engage in splitscreen competition. Quantum Nightmares: Online multiplayer that can hold up to 13 people in one match. Simultaneously the most responsive and least responsive multiplayer you'll ever experience. (Consider a game where position, energy, actions, etc are synchronized between all players. Now consider a game where only actions are even considered and positions are only hinted at...)Nothing UnearnedAll cosmetics are either unlocked by default or locked behind achievements, meaning that the more noticeable ones are also badges of skill and/or dedication.
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