Marbleous Blocks Demo

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Marbleous Blocks is a point & click, physics based, 3D-puzzle game where you guide a marble named Max through a set of challenges. Your goal is to help Max retrieve the missing energy orbs in order to restore the colors of the rainbow. One key game mechanic is to carefully position and rotate 3D-tetrominoes to create paths for Max. However, creating those paths requires energy cubes so you need to carefully plan the paths so you and Max do not run out of energy. Another key game mechanic is that Max may put on different suits and each suit has its own set of abilities. In order to pick up some orbs Max will need to switch between different suits in a single challenge. So again, planning is key, but you can easily explore different strategies since you may rewind your actions. If you are into puzzles that challenges your spatial thinking, have a soft spot for retro sound and, not to forget, likes colors and rainbows this is the game for you.
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