Dinky Dungeon

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Dinky Dungeon is an absurd arena shooter game with a (relatively) charmingly ugly style. All the sounds in the game are recorded and engineered by a single guy and a cat. Yes, finally I found a chance to give a role to my cat in this game!StoryYou and your grandfather start a dungeon business for trapping evil creatures away from the town. You are the muscles and your grandfather is the brain. You have to deal with the problems whenever your grandfather calls you. You can be sure that he causes a lot of problems. There will be 21 levels with different quests, while you improve your small dungeon with your grandfather.GameplayIt is mostly kill whatever you see on sight. But at the start of each level you will be given some quests. For example: kill 30 goblins, dismantle the traps, protect the crate shipment, solve the puzzle mechanisms, slay the goddesses or bosses, destroy the nests. As you kill creatures and complete the quests, you will earn experience and you will be able to improve your character.Giants, minotaur, skeletons, trolls, goblins, bandits, falcons, slimes, lich lords are some of the enemies you will encounter with.List of features Scenario mode with 21 levels, and endless arena modes Absurdly unique and fun arena shooter gameplay Remarkable graphics and sound effects Character progression with various abilities and weapons Various enemies with different features Boss fights Lots of quests Live leaderboards and achievements A hell of a grandfather
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