Viking Butcher

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Viking Butchers core gameplay is about collecting as much meat as possible and surviving the night. Every night all kinds of animals will try to steal all the meat you have stored, so in order to stop them you need to fight back. Every night the animals will get stronger, which is why you will need to spend some of your meat to buy new more powerful weapons. On the tenth night you will need all the skills you've learned in order to defeat a difficult boss.Weapons and helmetsIn order to better battle the animals you will be able to buy new and improved weapons as well as helmets. The helmets in Viking butcher act as ultimate abilities that you can utilise to give you the advantage over the animals. Both the weapons and the helmets have many variations that you can use in order to better combat the increasingly difficult animals.DifficultyViking offers three difficulty settings that fit every type of player. There is easy mode, normal mode and hard mode:Easy mode is meant for new players who aren't very experienced with the game. Normal mode is meant to challenge the average player with fun times without being too difficult. Hard mode is only meant the truly hardcore players who love very high difficulty.Multiple mapsViking butcher features multiple maps where you will battle unique and challenging animals. The different maps in Viking Butcher will feature drastically different environments where each area has their own special weapons. Every map also has its own powerful boss that the player will have to defeat and overcome in order to progress.ArtstyleViking Butcher features a retro pixelart artstyle reminiscent classic arcade games. Viking Butchers artstyle was inspired by the retro artstyle used in classic arcade games and seeks to improve it with our own style.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel® Core™ i5-6600 Processor
NIVIDIA Geforce GTX 750
Windows 10