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Development on Hold, Servers still RunningAs of August 25, 2019, Lil' Arena is placed on hold for a while. Servers will keep running as I look for funding and / or team members to continue, as this game is impossible to do solo part time.More info ::' Crew Note :: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND to find us on our Discord channel @LilArenaGame, to Arrange PvP matches for Multiplayer, since current volume of players does not ensure 24/7 Online Gameplay. DLCHappy to share with you the Lore behind Lil' Arena, the documentation of how it came to be, and a couple of stories that have been collaboratively told through the years the GameLife has chained you with Heavy Obligations, and Commitments that invited themselves into your already busy Schedule.“Want to relive those endless nights, where you played PvP games with your friends till your fingers were sore?”Lil' Arena preserves the vibe of its PvP predecessors, while respecting the time you (don’t) have, through 6 minute action-packed matches. Key Features • Be your Own Hero.Customize your Avatar's looks, and separately Draft your 4 Abilities.• Learn as you Go.Unlock Skills and Features as you Level Up, without endless grinding.• Don't let us keep you tied up.Be in and out of this Fast-Paced Arena in under 6 minutes.• Train. Combine. Adapt.Master just 20 Abilities and 5 Fighting Styles, and enjoy over 3,000 gameplay options.• ..Ok, But What am I Doing??Free For All Matches in a Variety of Arenas & 2 Cameras to choose from, 3rd Person or MOBA.You've 'fought for glory' before. Now, allow Goddess Nimelle to Reincarnate you, and Discover the rich Fantasy Universe that awaits you! Ready to Reincarnate?Be part of the Afterlife in Two Steps1. Play the Game2. Find Matches in Discord (@LilArenaGame)+. Leave an honest Review - good or badLink to Discord :: want you aboard, and we want to offer you a game you'd love to play :)
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