Sharecare YOU Demo

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Sharecare YOU Demo is a limited, sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare YOU. Travel through a beating heart and see the impact of heart disease. Peer into the anatomy and physiology of the eye. Explore informative labels and unique controls to customize your experience.Enjoy our Demo? Check out the FULL version! Sharecare YOU is a fully immersive, photorealistic simulation of the human body, enabling anyone to explore its astonishing details in full 360 degrees. Interested in learning about a specific organ? With the click of a button, travel inside, visualize its natural function, and dive deeper. Want to learn even more? Check out the many tags and labels along the way to gain even more information and insight. Easily customize YOU to better understand physiology and simulate disease. You can even personalize our avatars to be a virtual you – your health, your conditions. It really is all about YOU.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel® Core™ 7th Generation
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon RX 560
Windows 10