Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY! 2: Return to Kale Bay

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Ever wondered where dragons come from? How about talking animals? Enter a world on the brink of massive change. A world full of weird and exotic dragons and animals, all trying to figure out where they fit. Take a journey to try to find answers to those questions, as well as make strange and new friends along the way! Engage in the day-to-day life in this brave new world, all the while making connections with your fellow Furries and Scalies that will determine your future. Because nobody goes it alone.A visual novel format with choices per scene. Not every choice will lead to massive change, but it will determine your friendship levels with each individual that you spend time with. Part Adventure, part Dating Sim, all weird and wild.Features A new mystery, linked to the first game in various ways, but completely viable as a stand-alone story. 10 datable and romanceable new characters. Control two main characters (both customized as you see fit) as you explore the world at large, working together to navigate the main story.
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Minimum system requirements
Windows 10