Great Song's Records of Economy

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Contact UsIf you have any question or suggestion, please contact us through:E-mail: [email protected]: 3305942778Keylol: starcatcher-zAbout the GameIn this game, you will act as a itinerant trader in Song Dynasty, traveling between cities and villages, establishing business with merchants in different places, and bargaining with them. You can also rest in the teahouses and listen to the conversations between residents around you when you are drinking tea. Further more, You can buy real estate, found your chamber of commerce, build workshops, and create a commercial empire of your own.To treat people sincerely, and get others trust, or to deceive them, and obtain your wealth by risking? To run between cities and villages, and accumulate petty profits, or to buy special local products with your all money, and decide the future in one bargain? To wait with leisure, and pick up information among trifles, or to buy information directly? All of these are up to you.Trading GoodsTraveling around different places and trading goods is an itinerant's job. You can buy and sell 72 distinctive goods among 84 places, and transport by 18 vehicles.Merchants have different characteristics, so you can aim at their weakness to bargain for a better price. With business proceeding, you can slowly build trust relationship, and get more discount.Teahouse ConversationsWhen drinking tea in teahouses, you can often hear local residents talk about all kinds of topics. Sometimes, they discuss about events happens in other places which would be helpful in your career.You can wait for one kind of resident to occur in teahouses. Besides, you can also tip the waiter to talk with him. Maybe you can heal some unusual stufs from him.Manage WorkshopsBuy real estate and build workshops. You can also hire artisans and proceed with them.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 3.0 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
Windows 7 64 bit