Commissar Catlov

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The new leader of the Rats has begun threatening other animals and this is getting serious. But Catlov and his alliances are not going to let this arrogant rat to break the peace and are ready to take necessary steps to withstand this aggression. Play as Commissar Catlov, communicate with your allies and advance through the chapters to withstand this agression, use high variety of guns from pistol to assault rifle and cooperate with your allies to fight the Rat Forces in dark dungeons, which are consisting of various evil creatures. There are more than 7 chapters, 5 different weapons, 4 interactable characters in the game. Some dialogs are made up with sense of humor which will make you smile if not laugh.Features:Unique story with a peculiar perspective.High action atmosphere with a lot of opponents with unique characteristics.Various adventures and fast paced gameplay.Fluent narration supported by intense dialogs.High variety of guns; including swords, pistols, SMGs, assault rifles and even miniguns.
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Minimum system requirements
Dual core
512 MB
Windows® 7