Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

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The Crystal Gems are back for the third game in the Light Trilogy! When two powerful Gem rulers threaten the newfound peace of Era 3, Steven and his friends must embark on a new RPG quest to stop them! It’s time to Unleash the Light!8 PLAYABLE CHARACTERSPlay as your favorite Steven Universe characters, including Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Bismuth, Peridot, and Connie riding Lion!CUSTOMIZE YOUR TEAMChoose which Gems are in your party, unlock awesome new abilities and upgrades, and equip alternate costumes. Plus, change formation in battle to gain the advantage!TWO NEW GEMSFace off against two new Prism-wielding Gems co-created by Rebecca Sugar. Who are they and what are they plotting?FUSION TIME!Team up for amazing combo attacks and Gem Fusions! Fuse to play as Smoky Quartz, Sunstone, Rainbow Quartz 2.0, and Obsidian!ORIGINAL VO“Unleash the Light” features an original story co-written by Rebecca Sugar, and voiceover from the Steven Universe cast and special guest star Christine Baranski.
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Minimum system requirements
2.6 GHz Intel Quad Core
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
Windows Vista/7/8/10 - 64bit