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At the end of the universe, as time and space breaks apart, the rules change... Campaign through the chaotic galactic turmoil; amass powerful upgrades, shake the foundations of reality, bend the rules, become whole; become Perfect matter.Perfect Matter refines the classic Twin Stick Shooter genre. Explore numerous galactic locations, and battle with countless entities using your vastly powerful array of weapons and upgrades.You will experience a constant and rapid advancement of power, as you defeat stronger and stronger foes, and conquer numerous locations across a dying universe.Here's some Gameplay, featuring an upgrade build designed to maximise the occurrence of a lethal instant kill critical hit. Controller is highly recommended, but basic Keyboard and Mouse Support will still allow you to fully experience the game.50+ Upgrades35+ Unique Enemies6 Bosses11 Worlds100+ Levels60+ In Game Achievements2 EndingsPerfect Matter dives into the curious and existential mechanics of the universe, and what happens when they break apart in a place that can no longer enforce them. New matter springs into existence and breaks down the old rules in order to forge new ones. Numerous types of matter, characterised by their unique behaviour, leaps forth, and begins its campaign to permeate the universe. All matter indiscriminately spreads, consumes, replaces, regenerates, and dominates the fragile fabric of reality in an attempt to rebuild it in its own image.A brutal arms race ensue, as many types of matter toil in a cosmic dance of destruction, seeping through the bonds of reality, in an attempt to become the dominating matter, the only matter... truly Perfect Matter.A SOLO DEVELOPMENT PROJECTWrought Interactive consists of one person, who built perfect matter from the ground up over the course of four and a half months. The music was sourced from the insanely talented 'Sunlight Defect', and some of the sounds featured in the game were developed by my good friend 'James Helliwell', who also offered his support and feedback throughout the project.PERFECT MATTER started out a small personal project, but after the encouragement received by the wonderful a supportive people around me, I became motivated to push it as far as I could, so that it could be my first commercial game. This game gave me a purpose during a difficult time. It was my motivation to get out of bed every morning.Countless people offered their time to play and test the game, giving their valuable feedback all along the way.PERFECT MATTER was a solo development project, but it was the product of countless people, and their love and support. Thank you everyone.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent
Intel HD 4600 or equivalent
Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit