Fly Fish

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This is a "casual" game on the topic of environmental protection. We will experience its way home from the perspective of a young flying fish. On your way home, we will encounter various new and old obstacles. Sprinting and jumping are two basic abilities you have. After passing the test again and again, we have gained the ability to fly and evolved into a complete flying fish. Going through the more difficult road of returning home, fighting against nature and man-made garbage, but found it after returning home. . . . . . This is the first independent work of our team. In order to make the game more interesting, smoother customs clearance, and improve the player's ability to resist frustration, Consider more ways to deal with the problem. What kind of functions or new levels need to be added in the future? Welcome to leave a message. Control 1. Click the left mouse button is a sprint operation. 2. Click the right mouse button to fly, when you unlock the flying ability. 3. Be brave, If you really can't handle it, you can press the A key to call the menu 4. Game has auto save function. 5. Life is struggle, please take care of your keyboard and mouse. 6. Humans are devouring nature, and this game will devour your memory by seconds. If you have any complaints, please contact our 'Chief Apologize Officer' 陶仁贤 for feedback
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Minimum system requirements
i7 7700
GTX 1600
Windows 10 64bit