Combat Mission Shock Force 2: NATO Forces

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NATO Forces is the third module in the Combat Mission: Shock Force family of contemporary land warfare simulations. Now you have a chance to play with the forces of three additional NATO countries; Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. Each force is truly unique, not only from each other but from all other forces available in Combat Mission. Tactics and even strategies need to be adjusted to take into consideration the differences in organization, equipment, and intended uses.A wide range of light, medium, and heavy forces are now at your fingertips. Additionally some new, much requested, units and vehicles (and air support!) are now available for the Syrian side. The challenges are readily experienced with the three campaigns (one of each new nation), 24 standalone scenarios, and numerous Quick Battle maps.MAJOR FORMATIONSGerman Heer- Panzer Battalion- Panzergrenadier Battalion- Gebirgsjäger Battalion- Mech Battlegroup- Aufklärung Company- Panzerpioneer CompanyCanadian Army- Tank Squadron- Mech Infantry Battalion- Independent Battlegroup- Rifle Company- Engineer Company (Independent)Dutch Army- Tank Battalion- Mech Battalion- Manoeuvre Battalion (heavy)- Manoeuvre Battalion (medium)- Light Infantry Company (Independent)- Engineer CompanyVEHICLESGerman Army- Leopard 2A4- Leopard 2A6- Marder 1A3- Marder 1A5- Fuchs- Fuchs Pioneer- Fennek- Wiesel 1 (20mm)- Wiesel 1 (TOW)- Wiesel 2 Pioneer- Panzermöser M113- Wolf- Wolf (MG)Canadian Army- Leopard 1 A5 C2- Leopard 2A4+- Leopard 2A6 M- LAV I BISON- LAV III ISC- LAV III CP- LAV III TOW- LAV III FOO- Nyala HMG- Nyala RWS- G Wagon- G Wagon TurretedDutch Army- Leopard 2A6- Fennek CP- Fennek RECCE- Fennek MRAT- CV9035NL- YPR 765 PRI- YPR 765 PRI ERA- YPR 765 PRAT- YPR 765 PRCO C- G-Wagen- G-Wagen MGHEAVY WEAPONSGerman Army- MG3- Panzerfaust 3-IT-600- HK-GMG- Milan ATGM- 120mm Tampella Heavy MortarCanadian Army- C6 MG- M2HB- M72A7 LAW- Carl Gustav- Eryx- M19 60mm Light Mortar- L16 81mm Medium MortarDutch Army- FN-MAG- M2HB- Panzerfaust 3- Spike-MR missile - L16 81mm Medium MortarSMALL ARMSGerman Army- G22- G36- G36 w/AG36 grenade launcher- G36C- G36K- G82- MG4Canadian Army- C3A1- C7A2- C7A2 w/ M203 grenade launcher- C8A2- C8A2 w/ M203 grenade launcher- C9- C14- C15Dutch Army- C7A1- C7A1 w/ AG36 grenade launcher- C8A1- C8A1 w/ AG36 grenade launcher- MINIMI- AWSMF Sniper RifleARTILLERY SUPPORTGerman Army- PZH 2000 155mm self-propelled howitzer- M120 Tampella 120mm mortar- R 120mm mortarCanadian Army- C3 81mm mortar- LG Mark 2 105mm howitzer- M777 155mm howitzer- M1094 155mm self-propelled howitzerDutch Army- PzH 2000 155 mm self-propelled howitzer- RT-61 120mm mortarAIR SUPPORTGerman Army- Tornado IDACanadian Army- CF-188ADutch Army- AH-64 Apache Longbow- F-16SYRIAN ARMYVehicles- ZSU-23-4 Shilka- Zil-131- Pickup (ZU-23-2)Air Support- Mi-24D- Mi-24P- MiG-21BIS- MiG-23- SU-17M- SU-22- SU-24M2- SU-25
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Minimum system requirements
Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent speed AMD processor or better
1 GB VRAM or better and must support 1024x768 or higher resolution in OpenGL
Windows 10