The Frosted

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The Frosted hand-drawn game based on the old-school mechanics & new school features about Ursula travelling around the magic world. Paper-like fairytale with a cute young girl whose character traits reveal during the game process create some intentionally shaped ambivalent effect. The FeaturesImplementation of an ordinary story in old-school mechanics of Bomberman combined with new and variative elements such as an upgrade and inventory system; magic NPCs and secret rooms, mini games are wrapped into hand-drawn and animated graphics with the original sound.The Game World UnsafeFive unique biomes inhabited by numerous monsters and unpredictable bosses. Walk your way from the icy wastelands, through the magnificent mountain ridges and unsafe dungeons to the mysterious forbidden forest.The PlotThe story unveils rights and wrongs of a person’s sacrifice in the name of the Greater Good. Player’s choices throughout the whole game may influence the ending: will Ursula lose the sense of reality or she will make a right choice? What is the right choice then?The Art StyleThe hand-drawn graphics and frame animations in the paper style are made by the designer of creative stands and 3D visualization.
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Minimum system requirements
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 or amd 6870
Win 10