My Lil Horror

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Just a basic puzzle solving survival game. Kill zombies, have fun, get to the end without dying! Includes features like melee combat as well as ranged. Find keys to unlock doors, find codes, solve mysteries. Combine items to be more useful. Beware of horrifying jump scares! Permanent death per chapters, don't die or you have to return to main menu!My Little Horror is made by one independent developer (and he likes it that way) with a very limited knowledge of coding. How did I make so many mechanics already with limited code knowledge ASSETS ME BOY!- They can help. I started this project about 2-3 months after the pandemic hit, I've been using unity for less than 6 months (at date of launch). Can a young man with aspirations to create a game that is fun, playable, and hopefully doesn't totally suck. Join me and find out as we journey the vast digital plane of ecstasy, also known as gaming. Assist me in finding bugs. Pitching ideas. Suggestions for changes.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i3 3rd Gen / AMD Ryzen 3 1300x
NVIDIA GTX 750 / AMD R9 260
Windows 7