Another road

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Another road - This is an epic humorous adventure. You play as crazy men in underpants who ride a disgusting cart and try to deliver goods. COOL, YEAH?In the game, Another road you play as a courier who delivers goods to different train station's. But no one said it would be easy. During the trip, various environmental conditions, police and even friends (if you invete them) , will interfere. But it is recommended to play with friends. Also there are shops, but as you know to buy something you need to ern some money first to earn money you will need to deliver different stuff to mechanics,and you will be able to upgrade you're cart to a wagon. Cooperative:The cooperative is designed for 4 players. One creates a server, while others connect to it.But remember, only the creator of the server chooses which machine to take.
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Minimum system requirements
1 core 2000 MHz
Windows 7, 8, 10