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From a simple home to a mighty kingdom; explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your opponent in this strategic pixel-art chess-like hex game using cards as your pieces and their abilities as your tools. As the saying goes; easy to learn, hard to master.                                                                                               Join Steam Discussions!                                                        - Talk with the Dev!                            - Talk with the community!                            - Share strategies, ideas, and thoughts!                            - Help shape this game's future with input!What to Expect [Local/Remote Play]- Demo ONLY has 1 v 1- Up to 4 players in Early Access Map Variety- Only 1 Map is available in the Demo.- 4 Maps in Early Access, but More will be added over time. Card Variety- Only a few of the cards are available in the Demo.- A large assortment of cards that are used together to form even stronger cards. (EA)- More being added over time to fulfill newer strategies and newer mechanics. (EA) Different Modes- Basic: The basic form of the game, where players take turns.- Timed: Similar to the basic mode, but players only have a set amount of time to complete their moves. (EA)- Expert: A mode that brings the game closer to the RTS genre; where cards have cooldowns before use. (EA)- Possibly more modes, or changes to the currently planned modes! (EA) Endless Replayability.- Where the difficulty is based on your opponents' strategies.Monetization Method [EARLY ACCESS]This is only the Demo, BUT...As the game progresses in development through Early Access, the price will rise; online being the major update that will more than likely double the game's price.But until then, the game will be at its lower price-point, with possibly a middle ground between online and the first build; only when a significant amount of new features and cards have been added, or if sales take off. If the latter occurs though, I'll certainly add far more and do far more than I had initially planned for the beginning- particularly because if that happens, then I can focus completely on game development. And since this is an industry I love, I would happily focus on it.But of course, these price changes and updates will all be announced and broadcasted for everyone to plan ahead to share with friends and whatnot.CreditsMusic Credits: [All found on OpenGameArt[dot]Org] First Song in Teaser and Battle Song by Matthew PabloIreland's Coast (Travelog Edition - LIVE PLAYERS)matthewpablo[dot]com End Song in Teaser, Menu Song, and Victory Song by Random MindLament for a Warrior's SoulMedieval: BattleSound Credits: [Various Sources]Various Sounds from Epic Stock Mediaepicstockmedia[dot]com
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i3
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Windows 7