Ultra Savage

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Are you hungry for power? Would you like to become the best martial artist in the galaxy?Ultra Savage tells the story about a perfectly bred fighting machine(YOU), who manages to escape the secret laboratory and now is travelling through planets, defeating other fighters to become even faster, stronger and find out who was the person who trapped him in the first place. Ultra Savage is the spiritual successor to Great Hero's Beard. Set in future & Improved in every way.Game features fast combat where everything comes down to your character build, your gear, the active skills & their cooldown management. Have a humble beginning and turn into ultra speed killing machine. There's no attack speed limit cap in this game!The character build managing is one of the strongest points of the game, so it's only right we give you the freedom to mold your character into a super freak of a martial artist. You can distribute stat points, buy both active & passive combat skills & also equip yourself with up to 7 different item types.Normal enemies tend to drop ordinary gear, while bosses have chance to drop rare & very rare loot. As you will progress further the more challenging enemies will start to drop epic and eventually legendary gear. Each item has randomized stat rolls that can roll up to five stats! All the unwanted junk can be sent to fusion, which returns back rewards. Finally to truly maximize your potential you can enhance all your gear with crystals you find around the galaxy.Once you start to feel exhausted you might consider trying out Time Travel. This will give you permanent stat, skill points & XP. But that's not all, it also further increases the maximum enhancement level & also unlocks new skills to choose.There's a vast galaxy to be explored and it's certainly too small to fit two gods.
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Minimum system requirements
DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
Windows Xp+