Beholder's Lair

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Beholder's Lair is a difficult 2D platformer that revolves around skillfully avoiding different kinds of enemies.With glory and treasure in mind, you journeyed into Zindan, an old dungeon located near the ancient desert city of Urf. After days of exploring, fighting, and looting you were captured in your sleep by cultists. Turns out the old dungeon had a new inhabitant. A beholder recently decided to carve his lair inside the dungeon and you were lucky enough to set camp next to it. There is only one way to escape the demon's lair. Will you be able to escape? Or will you share the fate of many others before you?Key features Perma death. The Beholder is generous enough to let you try again, but don't expect to start from where you left. 3 different dungeons with unique enemies. Behold! Handcrafted by The Beholder it self you are faced with 3 unique enemies in their unique environments. Learn their movement patterns and try to outsmart them! Random items after each level. Beholder's generosity knows no limits! Find out which items are a good combo and which are not. This is crucial for your success inside the dungeons and a bad combo of items will severely hinder your ability to advance. Highscore system that tracks every level and total completion time.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i3 M380
Intel HD 4000
Windows 7 or newer