Mess Adventures

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Mess Adventures 2
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Mess Adventrues 2 is coming soon! achievement systemIn this funny game, you can even create your own Steam achievements! It is also a very happy thing to show off your own achievements to your friends and make them envy!About the GameOur beautiful Linda was kidnapped by Mr. Strong who is very strong! In order to rescue her, our little Mess has since embarked on this strange journey...This is an abnormal adventure game in nonsensical style. It contains a variety of game elements (even fighting battles, tank battles, puzzles, sokobans, flying shooting, etc.). It is very suitable to recommend it to friends who you want to prank them, live broadcast, or entertain yourself.Game FeaturesThere are many levels that are not toe the rules. You must think out of common sense. If you play them in a normal way, you couldn't win. Numerous faces that want a good smack match the silly design in the game. Yeah, you‘d better protect your keyboard and mouse.Except the adventure mode, other types of game elements can be seen everywhere in this game, such as fighting battle, tank battle, puzzle solving, sokoban, flying shooting and so on. Of cause, they are not toe the rules too, otherwise it will be boring. This game can convert between 2D and 3D modes and shift the direction of gravity through specific blocks. So you can use these things to pass through some seemingly impossible roadblocks cleverly. In some levels, you may even need to redefine the rules of the game and win the game based on the rules you just defined. There are many patterns of death, and some of them are very shocking! Funny and other style soundtracks created by the music producer YuZiXi will give you a nice game experience.👆Want to know more? Just take a good look at the trailer! Please turn on the volume to👆👆ENHANCE THE VIEWING EXPERIENCE!👆If you want to play, don't be stunned, add to cart, defeat strong Mr. Strong, and save Linda!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Pentium 4 3+ Ghz or AMD Athlon64 3500+
NVIDIA Geforce GTX660 TI
Windows 7