Tango Fiesta - Fascism Fighters 4000

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SUPPORT THE CAUSEActions tend to speak louder than words, the major reason Spilt Milk Studios came up with the idea for Fascism Fighters 4000. The purpose of FF4K is to bring awareness and fight against the racial and social injustices that have been unmistakably present in the last several decades.All profits from this DLC will be donated to Black Lives Matter causes and organizations committed to protecting and supporting the Black community in their quest for equality. If this speaks to you and you want to do more, search for blacklivesmatters [dot] carrd [dot] co to sign petitions, donate to other important causes, and find more resources!Some honorable mentions to also check out:Advancement ProjectStephen Lawrence Charitable TrustBlack Game Developer Fund by Humble GamesPOC in PlayPeople of Color in PublishingAZ MagThe Marshall ProjectNOW is the time to stand up for what’s right, NOW is the time to realize things are not as they should be, and NOW is the time to put your money where your mouth is!About the GameWhen a fascist future slams into the present, players must fight as hard as they can to destroy the forces of oppression, both in & out of this DLC! Fascism Fighters 4000 is a brand new DLC pack for Tango Fiesta, where players take on the roles of Macmillan, Dr Henk or Conchita - thrown into an isolated arena within the Foundry, a fascistic future world that mirrors today a little too well!Players will be on the clock, defeating every Fascist, white nationalist, and dirty cop in sight using bullets and fists to beat ass before enemy reinforcements arrive, each wave more dangerous than the last! The longer the player survives, the more ally units will appear to provide back-up and more righteous power. As the fascist forces try to perpetuate racial and social inequalities worldwide, you & your squad have the power to change the world for the good of all people, regardless of race, creed, or colour!Spilt Milk Studios commits to donating the profits from every copy of FF4K sold to charities in support of the Black Lives Matter movement! To be crystal clear, Profits are the Listed Price, minus Steam's cut and tax. Nothing else will be discounted!What's more from this point forward, we will top up the donation to $4.99 per DLC sold from every copy of Tango Fiesta sold. That way we make up for the tax and Valve's cut as much as possible, and maximise the donation amount!
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