Esper Uprising: Hearts of Crystal

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Captain an airship, lead a smuggling crew, avoid bankruptcy, and use your influence to change the world during a time of upheaval and genocide.Esper Uprising: Hearts of Crystal is a 330,000-word interactive novel by Michelle Kelly. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.When Valterra's two races, human and esper, are divided by the newly legalized esper hunts, espers are forced to flee, increasing business opportunities for high-risk smugglers like yourself. On the other hand, hunting espers for their highly lucrative cores could save you and your crew from financial destitution, but only if you are willing to compromise your morals and betray the espers in your own crew first.Will you become a beloved captain or a tyrant of the skies? Will you save the espers from extinction or betray them for profit? Can you stop a medical corporation from exploiting esper lives for profit? And can you end a war by making the king listen to reason? Play as male, female, or non-binary. Captain your own airship and lead your crew to fortune, fame, or ruin. Take risks, make sacrifices, or compromise your morals to achieve your goals Uncover the dark secrets behind an evil medical corporation hell-bent on profit Determine the fate of the espers: harness their powers for good, negate their powers to bring equality to all, or help them destroy their oppressors Build an unstoppable military and bully your opponents into submission, earn a place of prestige among the rich and powerful, become an expert on espers and harness their powers, discover the fate of your family, or forge lasting relationships with your crew.Can your ragtag band of smugglers survive genocide, trafficking, and an evil corporation bent on profiteering at any cost?
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