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Originally made over the course of 37 consecutive full workdays. Don't crunch kids, we only did because the project was fun and the thrill of creating is what makes me happy :)Nick has slept approximately 164 hours since production startedBrandon has consumed 127 cups of coffee during the production of this gameMike exported the same 9 songs too many ****ing times before they looped properlyWork began late at night in July when Brandon committed to teaching Nick how to programThere are multiple endings! Well 2 good ones and a baaadPlay around in the main menu: it's got a full fledged drawing program with some secrets!The drawing program built in the menu is fairly primitive with a basic brush, erase, clear, and screenshot tool. Depending on your CPU the game may lag with too many dots on screen.W and S move your left paddle.Up and Down move the right paddle. Hit Space to slow time to your advantage. Gamepads are supported!If you're on a laptop and the Arrow Keys are too small try a Mouse or Trackpad on the right side! You can also use I and K instead of Up and Down.
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