Draft of Darkness

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Join Our Discord Server!About the GameDraft of Darkness is a roguelike deckbuilder in a post-apocalyptic setting with survival horror and resource management mechanics. Select a hero, build your starting deck and start your adventure!During your journey: Fight with infected creatures, government robots and other survivors in a turn-based battle system. Explore a post-apocalyptic city consumed by darkness. Each map is procedurally generated and unique for every run. Build a party of survivors to help you on your journey. Each has their own deck of abilities! Trade to collect better equipment and cards, which you can use to strengthen your companions. Make important decisions. Your choices are key to progress the story forward.Unique Weapon Based Combat SystemEach card in Draft of Darkness can be used by equipping a type of weapon. Determine your strategy by building unique decks combining cards from different weapon types. Each weapon has unique mechanics that can be mixed and matched for insane combos!Explore Procedurally Generated MapsFind friends and foes lurking deep within the dark corners of the Residence, Streets and Hospital areas. Manage the status of your party, avoid radiation and infection at all costs!Every Run MattersAt the end of every run, even if you fail, you will receive credits that can be used to open booster packs to unlock new starting cards for your next run. Every death is a chance to try out new strategies!Every Choice MattersDraft of Darkness has a unique "meta story progression" system, where every decision can alter the outcome of the story and allow for new ways to progress. You might try different choices on your next run, but that won't always be possible.
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Minimum system requirements
Core i7
Graphics Card with 4GB RAM
Windows 10