New Witch in Town

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When you’re forced to leave your endangered forest home, your grandma only gives you one instruction: “Keep your magic secret.” But when you reach your new town, you realize you might have a chance to save your forest after all.New Witch in Town is a 500,000-word Young Adult interactive fantasy novel by Grace Card. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.You've lived half your life in a remote magical forest, learning the secrets of your magical abilities from your grandma. But after sudden news that the forest may be in danger, you’re forced to move into your grandma’s old house in a town you haven’t visited since you were a child. When you arrive in your new town, you discover a place caught between the promise of flashy developments and the reality of gradual decline. As you begin to settle in, however, you start to notice more than a few strange things going on around you—mysterious trees, stolen sculptures, and dreams about the forest you can’t quite understand. And all the while, your grandma’s whereabouts are a mystery.Political unrest, long-kept secrets, and complex people await you. For a young Witch like you, magic is second nature—but that may not be enough to answer all of your questions. Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, pan, or aromantic Save your magical forest home from destruction Get to know four potential love-interests, each of whom can be male, female, or non-binary. Alternatively, choose to remove the possibility of romance from the game entirely. Meet a wide cast of characters, and force deep friendships—or keep to yourself Delve into mysteries—or decide that ignorance is bliss Learn the town’s history, and the reasons for its political unease Find out a little family history Choose an adorable animal Familiar Keep to the law, or break it Pet as many animals as humanly possible Get coffee. Listen to music. Change the fabric of reality as you know it. (Maybe not that last one) Keep your magic secret. Your grandma warned you.
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