Armored Battle Crew [World War 1] - Tank Warfare and Crew Management Simulator

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Step into the shoes of a Tank Commander and experience what it is like to be in the Tank during the heat of the battle! Do you have what it takes to command your men and steel through blood and mud?!Tanks were developed during World War 1 in response to the stalemate caused by trench warfare. Despite its slow speed, the armored crew cabin, firepower and ability to navigate through the rough terrain of No Man’s Land allowed the stalemate to be broken. Staff your Tank Crew with men and women with the right specializations, skills and abilities. Command them to man various modules in the Tank or to perform heroic actions such as putting out a raging fire, repairing the broken engine or reviving a fallen Crew Member!Get your hands (and legs) on the steering and drive your Tank into battle! Navigate various terrains and plow your way through barbed wires, trenches or poor enemy souls. Let nothing stop the steel beast!Every battle is a treacherous one. Enemy soldiers, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, artilleries, mines, bombers and many others lay in wait, all with the one goal of destroying you. Stay alert, keep your eyes peeled and complete your mission!Understand the enemy, and equip the right weapon for the job. Choose between machine guns, anti-tank cannons, howitzer, flamethrowers, autocannons and many more to be effective in battle! Further personalize your tank with a wide range of liveries, emblems and wordings to make the Tank truly yours!
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Minimum system requirements
2.5 GHz Intel quad-core and above
NVIDIA GTX 970 or equivalent
Windows 7 or higher