The Zombie's Horror

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About the gameWarning! This is not a game for the faint-heartedEverything you can imagine will turn into a Zombie's nightmare, The zombies have kidnaped you while you slept, do you think you can pass all the missions and escape from the forest in a total darkness?? In the game the zombies will try to attack you and your main objective is surviving, for that you'll have a single weapon and limited amount of ammo.The only way to know whare the zombies come from is to hear their voices.In the game your objective is to pass all the missions, and survive the scary forest, and then you can unlock the second gameMode. IN the second gameMode your objective is to get the highest score and claim to the top 100 in the leaderboard. Game FeaturesOnline leaderboard – the game itself isn't online, but if your score will be high enough, you'll see it in the online leaderboard.Total darkness – In the game you can only see with some tiny flashlight, otherwise it's complete darkness. different types of objectives- each mission features a different goal the player need to achieve in order to progress the game. For example: thare is a misson that you have to destroy the zombie's spawners, and only if you destroy the all 13 spawners you can move to the next level. Each mission got a different difficulty mode, The hardest one is fighting againts the zombie's boss.Limited ammo- you start the game with limited ammo for your rifle, and in order to find more you will need to search the levels for the ammoMedKits- in order to heal yourself, you will need to find MedKits scattered around the map
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Minimum system requirements
1GHz or faster processor
512 MB RAM
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, vista