Duality of Doodles

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In Duality of Doodles, your character, and your weapons are created by the discerning tastes of yourself, the hero, the in-game incarnation of which was created to stop an evil stick-tator from enslaving the denizens of the Paintland, the realm in which you live. Or at least that's what they told you, but that look in their eyes is kinda suspicious.... In any case, you will embark upon an adventure that will span across eight different worlds. Test your battle prowess against difficult bosses. Help or exploit the populace for gain along the way. Harness the maximum power of your signature tool, the pixelpen, to erase your enemies from existence with ease, and/or draw a new world from the ashes of the old, establishing your legacy as a hero. Upgrade and customize your weapons to your discerning standards and make yourself into the most powerful being the Paintland has ever seen. Explore the level in an asymmetrical fashion using the pixelpen; No two levels are ever the same. Defeat the stick-tator and save the Paintland from certain demise, but most importantly.... Define yourself as a player!
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Minimum system requirements
3 GHz
Anything that's not a brick
200 MB RAM
Windows Vista and later, 32 or 64 bit