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In the game, as a nature lover, you have to explore several environments such as the African savannah, the Amazon rainforest, the ocean, a mixed forest and a meadow. THE DEMO VERSION CONTAINS ONLY THE MEADOW ENVIRONMENT !!! You act as a discoverer whose objective is to solve tasks, get money to the rescue fund and ensure the return of animal species that no longer exist in the environment or are about to become extinct. There is free movement in the game and you can analyze anything you click. You can take the eyes of animals, observe them, swim underwater or fly. Unlock individual species on extensive maps and search for them and, of course, learn interesting things. Take pictures and learn something interesting about every species in the game. Photos are stored in your own gallery. The game is based on discovery and rescue, it does not contain any violence. Full version of the game Galvatia contains - maps of five environments measuring 250x250 m (African savannah, Amazon rainforest, ocean, mixed forest, meadow) - about 250 unique animals, plants and trees in various variations - 50 tasks to complete, for which you get play money to the rescue fund - Game money is also used for exploring anything in the game - launching rescue operations for 15 endangered species. After rescuing them, you will find them in the environment. - Ability to analyze anything by clicking on an object - After reviewing the automatic unlocking, search for the animal on the map - photograph individual animals, plants and store them in galleries. Descriptions are automatically added to them. - you are invisible to animals, you can easily approach them - share your "photo catches" on Facebook and Twitter - the use of heart-shaped jokers to facilitate the task. Jokers are obtained for every 2 completed tasks - information on the number of animals examined in the environment - information on the number of steps and also recording the route where you walked. You can activate this option so that you do not walk in the same places. - each environment has a preview of the map, it is possible to move through it or you can search for the position of animals on the map which you have already unlocked by clicking on them - tons of information about everything alive in the game
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Minimum system requirements
2.5GHz Intel quad-core and above
Windows 7 or higher