Euclidean Skies

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Launch Day + updatesHey everyone - thanks for the great launch day :)I would like to point out recent change in controls - now you orbit camera with your right button - I've made this to prevent misclicks, but let me know if the change annoys you!Also, from the menu you can adjust mouse rotation sensitivity.Have fun,MiroLaunch tommorow!In about 24 hours, you can play Euclidean Skies!I've unlocked the main game, so you don't have to complete the tutorial, but I would greatly recommend it, as it's the best levels from Euclidean Lands. For the infinite mode, you still need to beat 15 levels in the main game, as it can get quite difficult.Also, there's a game discord .Send me there any messages regarding the game, and any features and improvements you'd wish for the upcoming updates!Wish me luck,MiroLevel Generator is now live!Hey everyone!In the latest build I've uploaded you can play functional infinite levels mode if you need more challenge.You can access it from the main game menu, provided you've beaten first 20 levels in the main game. It generates random levels infinitely and counts you winning strike. You can see the your longest winning strike in the main game menu.Right now it features three basic types of enemies, and is still very random, however in future updates I would love to make it a bit more into a continuous dungeon, with special functionality, environment and enemies.Have fun!MiroAbout the Game"A Clever Twist On Strategy"- Kotaku / Euclidean Lands "Pleasingly tactile experience"- The Verge / Euclidean Lands "A quality puzzle game"- Hardcore Gamer / Euclidean Skies "Holy moly that looks awesome"- Touch Arcade / Euclidean Skies Euclidean SkiesMind-altering puzzle adventures, award winning games Euclidean Skies and Euclidean Lands are coming to Steam as one adventure with best levels from both games, and with an infinite level generator!Experience these unique, mystical worlds with game-play completely twisted around, gorgeous graphics, smooth shadows, floating castles and scary foes.Euclidean Skies combines marvelous architecture and turn-based movements to create a beautiful world with mind-bending puzzles. The game’s focus is on shifting and rotating the world to gain tactical advantage and overpower the enemies in 40 elegant, but incredibly challenging levels. Enemies are stronger then you, so frontal attack is not an option! Use your power to rotate the world to position yourself behind the enemy, and overpower them.Designed for all ages, Euclidean Skies evokes the feelings of a physical toy, where the joy lies in the act of play. While it’s possible to play the game with efficiency in mind, playing around with different shapes and forms, without the pressure of solving a level, can be truly satisfying too.Additional to 40 long and complex levels, 15 more levels were added to this version of game to ease new players in, and players can enjoy unlimited procedurally generated puzzles as well. Features:● 40 hand-crafted levels with mind-bending puzzles● Fierce boss fights● 15 levels from Euclidean Lands ● Procedurally generated levels for unlimited game-play● Special achievements for ambitious players● Skip-a-level option for impatient players● Cloud sync across all your devices
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