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The noble Guardians who upheld balance in Talpa, have all but fallen to corruption. The fate of the world now rests in the last of this dying order.Play as Blu, a young Guardian, in her quest to reclaim Talpa from the hands of the Corrupted.Conquer hand-crafted levels in this side-scrolling adventure. You’ll need to rely on your reflexes and quick wit to solve platforming puzzles and outmaneuver your enemies.The once lush and flourishing world of Talpa has now fallen into the hands of the Corrupted. Environments that were once vibrant and full of life, are now infected by the evil that plagues the land and all of its inhabitants.For centuries, Guardians have been chosen by the Order to preserve peace in the kingdom of Talpa. In order to help him in his duty, each chosen one is entrusted with a legendary stone, which he must wisely use to maintain the balance of forces.But the day a council member corrupts the sacred stones, he breaks a seal from ancient times that unleash diabolical energy, which now spreads over the lands of Talpa.This dark energy awakened the Corrupted, vile embodiment of elemental stones, which took over the guardians, who now seek to reanimate Wohlra, and uphold a dystopian future in which he reigns supreme.With all of the guardians under the influence of Wohlra's will, the fate of Talpa rests on the shoulder of the only uncorrupted warrior.Blu, a young apprentice without stone, found herself untainted by the evil takeover of Wohlra, making her the last hope to restore the balance of Talpa.With her unmatched ninja skills, abilities, and reflexes, she is all the world has. And when all she knows is at stake, failure is not an option.
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Minimum system requirements
Windows 7