City 13

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Welcome to City 13! The best city of the rest ones! The last of the rest ...Plot: It is not known exactly when the earth was covered with a huge explosion, and no one will remember how 13 cities had formed on the ruins of the old pixel world, and how 12 of them fell again. There is only a reality in which City 13 is the home for all survivors. It doesn't matter if you are a human or a mutant, a sophisticated aristocrat or a ragged vagabond, good or bad, alive or dead... City 13 will be your home, whether you like it or not. City 13 is a dynamic 2D platformer. Combining the good old mechanics of classic games straight from the nineties and the modern directions of the hardcore platformer genre, City 13 is the quintessence of the old and new generations and will suit any platformer lover. Hardcore gameplay, varied levels, unique enemies and traps, brutal bosses, all this is for you in City 13.Features of the current version of the game: 12 main and 1 bonus level. Make your way through the streets of City 13 and visit an abandoned laboratory! 3 unique bosses, each with his own skills and combat tactics. More than 10 types of countermeasures and traps. Atmospheric and high quality soundtrack. A full-fledged RPG system with character leveling. High difficulty, the player is required to give all the best! WARNING! CURRENT VERSION IS NOT FINAL! WITH YOUR SUPPORT CITY 13 WILL DEVELOP INTENSELY IN THE FUTURE!
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Minimum system requirements
intel CORE i3-3200 or better
GT730 or better
Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10