Freedom: How I Escaped

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UPDATE 1.09In this update we focus on the movement system and some other features suggested by players on the forum. Changes: 1 - Control system; 2 - Skip game over scene; 3 - The game now has three audio channels that can be adjusted separately; 4 - User interface improvements; 5 - The controlle support is being tested. The current configuration should allow the player to move around and activate the level devices via the controller. We remind you that the system is definitely not ready yet and we invite everyone to leave feedback for improvement or change in the system; 6 - Correction of minor bugs. Did you like the changes? tell us in the forum discussions, your feedback is very important to improve the game! Best RegardsAbout the GameIn Fredoom: How I Escapad, you'll play a stealth game in a beautiful Voxel city full of surveillance devices. You must find a way through the city to escape undetected by any means. On your journey through the city, you will need to deal with security cameras, spotlights and gates. To clear the path you will need to disable or even try to use them to your advantage, creating diversions to get them out of your way. -Turning off generators will cause spotlights to be turned off; - Unplugging the control panel will cause security cameras to be disabled; -Use levers to open or close gates; But be aware, even though the streets are empty, there is always someone hidden watching, be alert to countermeasures for each action taken. If anyone suspects, they will try to find you. Are you up to the challenge? Watch out, don't get caught, Just vanish. Some Features so far: - 12 carefully crafted levels; - Atmospheric soundtrack and SFX to help you immerse in the game; - Beautiful voxel art city espaces;
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