Fishhead: Blueprint

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Blueprint?Fishhead: Blueprint is the fourth main game in the Fishhead platformer series. The game picks up where Fishhead 2 (2002) ended. The clone machine, invented by dr Bau and misused by Highhair and Tomatoman to build an army, was badly damaged. Now the blueprint has been stolen from dr Bau's lab! It is up to Fishhead to get it back before things get out of hand. About the gameThe game is based around a big overworld with 50 doors. Most of these doors lead to levels, some to other locations. In most levels you have to collect usb-keys to open doors, find switches, collect hammers and defeat enemies. Some levels have light puzzles, others have mini bosses. The game has around 40 enemies and other dangers. You can get new moves (like wall-jumping and swimming) in labs, opening new parts of the game. In some levels you get help from a goose, which somehow stumbled into the game. He will fly you to places, or you can ride him when he is too lazy to fly. The game features simple but tidy, low-res pixel art graphics and a very limited palette. The music and sounds are chiplike. Features:Large overworld to explore Traditional platform actionOver 40 levels and other locationsOver 40 enemies and other dangersAlternative exits to unlock secret parts of the gameOld-school pixel artBonus games
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Minimum system requirements
200 Mhz Pentium processor or higher
Must support minimum of DirectX 11
256 MB RAM
Minimum Windows XP SP3 Operating System. Supports Vista, 7 , 8 and Windows 10