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The main focus of this program is not to be only a stand-alone game. We intend this game to work with other pen and paper role playing games to provide a more immersive role play environment. Our second goal is to provide as much open customization as possible to allow you to enjoy every experience you have with us.ChatThis is the most important part of our game.We have a chat system that is built to work differently with every language you choose to use. You are able to type in Common (or whichever language you speak), and have your written words translated into any language we include in this program. This feature will also allow the "GM" to set a custom actor requirement on the languages. This means you may need to have a character that knows how to speak the language of your choice before using this language, and it can also mean that when you send the message you send it out as if you are the selected character. Everything posted in chat will be based off the character you currently have selected. If you roll dice, post information about abilities or quests, or simply type a message then these all will be sent to your friends based on your selected character.QuestingThere is a special section where players can review their quests and in the spirit of RPG we even allow the "Game Master" to create, update, and delete quests on the fly.JournalThere is a section that is easy to use where you can write notes about your adventuress, and save these notes to either your players own journal or save them to one of your controlled characters journals.DictionaryThe dictionary we provide will be set up to be used for you to learn the language without the need of translations. We feel languages are more than just images you read. We want to offer the full experience of speaking like an Orc or an Elf. We have the dictionary set up so that each letter and each symbol not only have a name, but they have a sound. More importantly, each one has a description and a proper way to be used. So, when you type a word like "friend" into our system we search for the correct spelling of the word in the dictionary under the language of your choice, and then we post the correct word for everyone to read. We also attempt to correct spelling of the users so that when typing words that don’t exist in the language the word is still written in a similar fashion. For example, one or more of our languages never use double letters such as in the word "ball" so when using that language it will automatically remove the second "l". We also plan to set up an auto read feature where it enables our system to read what other people post so you hear the words the way they are meant to be read.DiceWe offer a dice rolling system in both the cases of simple randomized numbers, and actual 3d rolling dice. Our 3d dice system offer different cameras for watching from different views as we drop dice in towers, pour them from cups, or toss them from hands, each meant to get the best roll for each player. We will also offer in the future special weighted dice and many colors, materials and designs to choose from. All rolls and totals will be exported to the chat system as public or private rolls.Character SheetsWe offer custom character sheets built not only for our game, but we plan to offer them for other games as well. Do you want to build an Orc Battle Mage but dislike the rules created within Midget Kricket Fantasy Chat? Well, we plan to offer the ability to fill out and use sheets from some of the most popular games out there. ItemsItems are the most important part of any game! We are going to build items for Midget Kricket Fantasy Chat, but why not allow you to build neat items for other games? This system will handle different items such as general items that do nothing or complex items that you can equip. With just 1 click have your 1 handed (Holy Ax of Lightning Damage) swing and miss but still call for its area splash damage of fire and acid that rain from the sky! On a small note, each item will also have a "weight" and a "currency value" that you can fill in to use for other games as desired.InteractionsThis is a complicated feature. We will have a form of trade menu, but we cannot promise it will work for every game at this time. We also plan for a store screen to allow the GM to post items in and set custom currency values for each item. This is only meant to speed up the game so that the GM does not need to find each of his custom created items and decide what to sell it for and place it in your inventory for you. The idea for each of these systems to allow players to be able to view, trade, and buy items quickly.This is a preview of what we currently hope to offer. We do plan to offer more stuff as people join us in our adventures!
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GEforce 960