Matts Project Zombies

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A Game That’s Always GrowingCommunity Feedback allows us to work of your comments. questions and concerns about our game, we look at this Daily and make changes accordingly. We always update our content for Free and do not charge for addition content like DLCS.You and or your crew are ravaging a post-apocalyptic wasteland through different various parts world in levels.Every building that is enterable will allow the option to be barricaded.You will be able to reclaim that structure as yours and stash any sorts of goods,wether it be food, clothes, weapons, or even vehicles.FeaturesFull Online Multiplayer With Steam! Play solo or With a buddy through system in-game!Chat Online With Other Players!Really smooth working settings, Audio selections for every type, and every graphic setting for optimal performance.Recoil System & Bullet Drop created for each weapon in the game (increases/decreases in size based on spread of weapon while moving, aiming, etc) Open-World seamlessly loads the environment with many areas to explore. All zombies and ai will gradually become harder and increasingly faster as you progress in the game so it never gets dull.The Exploration and world is a map, which is very very large, we most likely will be creating new maps every year so that it doesn't get boring for players.Follow us and support us on social media!YouTube:
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Minimum system requirements
i3 or higher.
Onboard Graphics (Nvidia GTX 460)
64-Bit Windows 7