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RoadmapAbout the GameThis is not the future you dreamt of. The Galaxy is in chaos, planets go rogue, and mega-corporations assemble Killsquads to raid whatever riches and bounty are left. Welcome to Killsquad: a hardcore action coop game that blends the best of the genre and presents a new universe for you to discover. Set up your team, choose your heroes, weapons and gear, and unleash hell on a fast-paced battle through hordes of monsters and deadly bosses.KEY FEATURESHIGH INTENSITY GAMEPLAYKillsquad offers direct, skill-oriented control. Our heroes unlock their skill tree during the mission. This creates a unique gameplay style you can enjoy with a keyboard or gamepad. Our focus is on short, adrenaline pumping missions you can enjoy solo or 4 player coop.CHOOSE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR HEROESChoose one of the 4 hero classes, each with a set of starting skills and passive abilities. Mid-mission, customize your character with new skills to adapt to your play style. And when the mission is over, invest in new equipment on the game shop to level up and unlock badges or features. A COMMUNITY OF BOUNTY HUNTERSBrowse contracts in the campaign map. Missions are offered in real time for squads to embark on. Sign up for a contract with your squad, or jump in mid-mission, and help a fellow squad on the brink of defeat. Compete with all squads worldwide to earn contract rewards and progress on the game Meta on an ever-evolving universe.THE PLANET IS YOUR ENEMYOur planets are built on the fly, so each mission is designed to be highly replayable. And they come with a selection of nasty surprises: from meteor storms, to minefields, from huge bosses to an assault by the Federation Forces, our planets want to make sure you understand you're not welcome here. A RICH UNIVERSEThe Killsquad universe is rich and expanding: dozens of weapons for you to unlock, alien races you can browse in our encyclopedia, resources you can collect and then use to unlock exclusive perks for your weapons... and more coming soon!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i7- 3770 @ 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/1060 or ATI Radeon R9 series
64-bit Windows 10